Healing Yoga Private Sessions

Healing Yoga is a form of somatic work that includes Phoenix Rising Yoga and Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing.  I recommend three or more sessions to bring on deeper transformation, but even after one private session you will feel an increase in emotional balance and presence. The work helps decrease overwhelm and stress symptoms and encourages a greater sense of your internal wisdom.

A session begins with a check-in on both a physical and an emotional level. I will teach you resourcing - how to find what's good in any moment and soak in those relaxing or pleasant feelings to help heal the nervous system.  Each session includes healthy breathing techniques and the experience of your body being supported in safe yoga poses, so we can be curious about what's happening and listen with compassion and acceptance. This is a loving, nurturing process that helps organically unfold deep insights and healing.

Healing yoga sessions are not used to diagnose, treat, or cure health conditions. Rather, the focus is on improving health and well-being, decreasing stress, and avoiding injury to those with health conditions.   Barbara has been a certified practitioner since 1991.

A 60-minute session is $100.    

A 75-minute session is $120. 

A 90-minute session is $150.

For more information on yoga therapy sessions, contact me.